A Transition Towards Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

PufferSoft delivers tailored Terraform services for diverse client needs, promoting team collaboration with cutting-edge tools. Our solutions include robust governance features for control and compliance. Emphasizing self-service workflows, our Terraform services enable dynamic responses to evolving project requirements, rooted in open-source infrastructure principles.

HashiCorp Terraform


Terraform operates as an agentless software tool, eliminating the necessity for installing any additional agents.


Terraform uses a declarative code style, where you define the desired end state, and the tool autonomously determines the steps to achieve it.


In its capacity as a provisioning tool, Terraform not only provisions servers but also orchestrates the provisioning of your entire infrastructure.

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Our team is dedicated to facilitating the seamless integration of Terraform into your existing infrastructure, enabling you to harness its advantageous features effectively.

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Terraform Key Features:

Super Portability

Terraform employs a unified tool and language for articulating infrastructure configurations across various cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and others. Consequently, transitioning between providers is no longer a cumbersome process.

Ease of Full Stack Deployment

Utilizing Terraform, you can efficiently administer a heterogeneous environment using a consistent workflow. This is achieved by crafting a configuration file tailored to the specific requirements of your project or organization.