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Cloud Migration

PufferSoft Can Accelerate Your Azure and AWS Cloud Migration

PufferSoft in partnership with AWS and Azure has a proven track record of delivering successful cloud migrations for application workloads such as Microsoft Workloads, Web Apps, and SAP. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes move to the cloud and reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and customer experiences.

Working together with businesses we:

    • Assess your needs and build the business case to migrate to the cloud.
    • Choose from the 7Rs, the best application migration strategy: Refactor, Replatform, Repurchase, Rehost, Relocate, Retain, and Retire.
    • Get PufferSoft Premium 24/7 Support.

Migrate to the Cloud With Less Guesswork and More Value!

Effortlessly navigate complexity, regulate data sovereignty by developing landing zones in the cloud continuum, and leverage exclusive industry-specific tools with PufferSoft’s cloud migration services.

Evaluate your Specific Migration Needs

Get personalized insights into your specific migration needs.

Migrate Workloads Using AWS Migration Service

Get instant access to Azure and AWS Application Migration Service to migrate applications.

Migrate to Microservices using Kubernetes

Save time and costs by using Kubernetes services such as Azure AKS and AWS ECS.

Let’s Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Journey With PufferSoft

Harness the power of cloud with PufferSoft’s scalable custom cloud solutions

Business Drivers for Migrating to the Cloud

We work closely with our clients to determine the optimal operating model, cloud strategy, ecosystem partners, and the perfect roadmap to success. Using these, we accelerate modernization and migration to Cloud in an agile, secure, and cost-effective manner.

Executing Large-Scale Migration to AWS

With extensive experience in AWS consulting services, our certified AWS developers bring digital excellence and re-invent conventional business models by strategically engineering through the AWS cloud and using PaaS & IaaS application development models.

Custom Cloud-Based Solutions to SMEs

PufferSoft provides highly available custom cloud-based solutions to SMEs that help them reduce operational costs, minimize downtime, and streamline operations. Our trained and certified cloud developers and engineers specialize in cloud migration services and deploying multiple cloud platforms for Azure and Amazon Web Services. Whatever goals motivate your migration, PufferSoft provides you with the right tools and resources to develop the perfect cloud migration strategy to help you accelerate processes and reach results, faster.