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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Achieve World-Class Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

PufferSoft utilizes Azure and AWS technologies to help organizations accelerate recovery times so they can protect against critical data loss and maintain business continuity. PufferSoft works with customers to put a data backup and disaster recovery plan for different disaster situations, with detailed steps for recovery for any workload deployed to Azure or AWS. This is done by utilizing different approaches, to mitigate risk, by working with enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions to define their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and provide a solution accordingly.

PufferSoft utilizes different Azure and AWS services for this DR plan including:

    • A global infrastructure encompassing hundreds of DCs across many countries.
    • Fully-managed centralized data protection services that make it easy to automate backup across Azure and AWS services.
    • Infrastructure as a Code utilizing cloud formation and Terraform so that resources’ templates are used to bring up services within minutes.

Benefits of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services by PufferSoft

Flexible Storage Services

PufferSoft offers Amazon S3 or S3 Glacier and Azure Blob Storage, Disk Storage and Standard Archive to facilitate different backup requirements with automated policies and smart tiering. It also reduces the need to procure and maintain on-premises infrastructure.

Powerful Backup Features

    • Azure & AWS integrated backup encryption.
    • Cross-Region backup.
    • Cross-account management and Cross-account backup.
    • Automated backup audits and reports.


    • Use and pay for only what you need.
    • Scale resources up or down on-demand as workload needs fluctuate.
    • Instant replication ensures data is safe.


    • Lower total cost of ownership.
    • Reduce up-front investment and need to over-provision.
    • Automate data movement to less expensive tiers of storage

Why Choose AWS and PufferSoft for Disaster Recovery?

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Leveraging Azure and AWS for DR allows you to leverage on-demand DR infrastructure rather than paying for dedicated assets in a physical environment, replacing capital expenditures (CapEx) with operational expenses (OpEx).

Different DR Approaches

PufferSoft offers different Data Recovery approaches with different RTO & RPO such as:
    • Pilot Light.
    • Warm standby.
    • Multi-site active/active or hot standby active/passive.

Infrastructure as a Code to Accelerate Recovery

To enable infrastructure to be redeployed quickly without errors, enterprises should always deploy resources using infrastructure as code (IaC), using services such as AWS and Azure.

Plans that Grow with You

Test your target DR systems in the best possible way. Updating DR plans, managing the minimal infrastructure needed to keep your failover site prepared, and testing target DR systems are all a button away.

Minimize Downtime and Prevent
Data Loss With PufferSoft

Minimize Downtime and Prevent Data Loss With PufferSoft

Signup for secure and rapid recovery of your data, systems, and applications.

Disaster Recovery Benefits From AWS & PufferSoft

PufferSoft offers you reliable and flexible cloud-based disaster recovery solutions that are customized to ensure an expedited recovery of your business-critical information and environment. Let’s make the most of your backup and disaster recovery investments.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon EC2 delivers flexible compute capacity and allows you to rapidly spin up pre-configured virtual machines that are tailored to your environment, so you can execute a rapid failover in case of a disaster.

Amazon Elastic Block Store

Point-in-time snapshots of data volumes can be taken and stored in Amazon S3 for long-term durability. Amazon EBS volumes provide off-instance storage that can be replicated across multiple servers to prevent any loss of data.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

A highly durable storage target for backup data, serving as an alternative to tape, that redundantly stores data across multiple devices, enabling you to perform rapid restores.

Amazon Glacier

Extremely low-cost storage for data archiving and backup. Objects are optimized for infrequent access, helping achieve fast retrieval times in case of a disaster, with the same durability as Amazon S3.

Disaster Recovery of Workloads on AWS

Let’s get ransomware protection without paying the ransom, recover your data in record time and protect your hybrid, virtual, and SaaS environments. We protect your data wherever it resides!

Accelerate Recovery and Reduce Costs With PufferSoft

PufferSoft provides highly available custom cloud-based solutions to SMEs that help them reduce operational costs, minimize downtime, and streamline operations. Our trained and certified cloud developers and engineers specialize in backup and disaster recovery solutions. Whatever goals motivate your decision, PufferSoft has the right tools and resources to help accelerate backup and disaster recovery to reach results faster.