10 Reasons to Choose AWS for Microsoft Workloads

On July 9, 2019, Microsoft announced to end support for SQL, and on Jan 14, 2020, for Windows Server as well. That was the time when businesses moved their Microsoft workloads to AWS aka Amazon Web Services. AWS has become one of the most competent cloud infrastructures for businesses since then. 

The main question here is why AWS is a preferred cloud configuration tool around the globe.  What are the major perks of employing Amazon Web Services?  Keep reading to get more insights into the topic. 

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? 

AWS delivers APIs and cloud computing platforms to businesses, governments, and individuals.  

With these on-demand cloud computing services, you can deploy, manage, build, and scale the windows-based applications of your organization (and on the individual level as well). AWS is secure, cost-effective, and quicker than other cloud technologies. 

Benefits of Using AWS for Microsoft Workloads 

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth

AWS has a huge assortment of cloud services focused on Microsoft technologies in its highly collaborative ecosystem. Moreover, Amazon Web Services have two times more Windows Servers instances than any other cloud provider with similar features.  

The offered cloud-based solutions include deployment services, a database, several management tools, and different applications.  

More Secure

AWS for Microsoft Workloads is 5 times more secure than the next largest cloud provider. Not only that, it has extended its security to over 116 different Amazon Web Services. You can take the assistance of a reputed Managed IT service provider like PufferSoft to get a fully optimized and secure AWS ecosystem according to the unique requirements of your business. 


By using AWS, customers can conveniently move their Microsoft licenses to the respective hosts on AWS which makes it an incredibly affordable cloud computing service.  

Moreover, you can get up to 90% discount on your windows computer costs with Amazon’s exclusive spot pricing model. For instance, the renowned accounting software platform for small and medium enterprises “XERO” was able to save 30% on its SQL Server Licensing with Amazon Web Services. 

Easy Migration

AWS has played a substantial role in helping almost every business across the world to move its Microsoft workloads to the cloud.  Its self-explanatory features make it more attractive for organizations and individuals as well.  

For example, customers can easily assess, migrate, and right-size their SQL and Windows workloads with MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) and extensive expertise from AWS partners. This all comes under Cloud Migration.

Higher Availability

AWS offers a streamlined Windows Workload Management through higher availability in the form of 61 Availability Zones in 20 different regions across the globe.  

If we compare the downtime of the next largest cloud provider and AWS, the former had 7 times more downtime than the latter in 2018. So, choosing AWS is always going to be the smartest decision you would ever make about your Windows Workload Management. 

Also, if you are looking for someone to assist you in migrating your Microsoft data to AWS, contact Puffer Soft without any hesitation.  Not only are they highly reliable and trusted by organizations, but their services are relatively affordable as well. 

Enhanced Performance

Amazon Web Services are a lot better than other cloud services because of their performance and cost.  Statistically, AWS has 2 times better performance and cost policy than the next largest cloud provider.  (Source: ZK Research)


  • A renowned market research company eMarketer has witnessed a 35% reduction in Windows work management costs after moving their workloads to AWS. Also, the company has seen a 4x jump in launch speeds by bringing all its data to the cloud. (Ryan Hoffman, senior vice president of engineering at eMarketer, remarked)
  • Not only that, another reputed company VBO Tickets, has scaled up its business in Europe after getting a smooth Windows workload management plan from AWS.  

Ease of Modernization 

AWS is known for its high-end performance and advanced availability across the globe. With AWS’s “Amazon Aurora” feature the operations have become smoother and more convenient.  

Amazon Aurora is a fully-managed, cloud-based, relational database specifically designed to upscale AWS’ performance and availability in every region of the world. 

Real-life example: 

  • Samsung minimized its database costs by 44% by moving its 1.1 billion users to Amazon Aurora. 
  • The very well-known Dow Jones was able to save 50% of its workload management cost, along with modernizing its Market Data Platform (MDP) to Amazon Aurora almost half a month ahead of schedule. 

Innovative Platform 

AWS has the most extensive assortment of built-for-the-cloud technologies. These technologies have astonishing operational, organizational, and technical aptitudes. 

It offers over 200 detailed solutions and services that enable customers to tackle their database issues innovatively. No other cloud service has been able to beat AWS in terms of its features and performance by far. 

Customers are shifting their SQL Server Workload to Amazon Redshift aiming to leverage the advanced data analytics solutions from AWS.  

Customers are modernizing their traditional SQL Server data warehouse to Amazon Redshift and using advanced data analytics services.

Quick and Agile 

With AWS, you can make your life much easier with its high-end IT resources. Now you don’t need to wait for developers to bring your important business data to another device. With AWS’s cloud computing services, you can access your data anywhere and anytime with a single click.  

AWS enables you to complete your weeks-long work in a few minutes only. This increases productivity, and agility of business operations and reduces the cost and time consumed in doing this work manually.  

EOS Support 

With the help of Amazon Web Services End-of-Support Migration Program, users can future-proof older workloads on Amazon EC2. Also, databases operating on a version of Windows Server that is no longer supported or is close to being discontinued can easily be upgraded. And the best part is that customers no longer need to pay for additional support for outdated versions or put off the eventual issue.


Summing it up, AWS is one of the best or you can say best of the best Cloud Computing Service providers for organizations and individuals.  Its performance is unbeatable, and advanced features are very easy to use as well. Furthermore, no other cloud service provider can beat the cost-effectiveness of AWS. This incredible clouding solution is reshaping hundreds and thousands of businesses worldwide!