DevOps Pipeline and App Deployment Implementation

Embarking on a dynamic initiative, we orchestrated the deployment of a Python-based application on AWS, showcasing an intricate blend of advanced technologies and industry-leading methodologies. At the forefront of our

Transforming Workspaces with Custom AWS Solutions

The seamless integration of AWS WorkSpaces with bespoke applications tailored for end-users. At the core of this transformative endeavor lies the deployment of AWS WorkSpaces meticulously configured to meet the

Azure Hybrid Integration and Optimization

This delineates the comprehensive infrastructure and key services employed to realize the project objectives utilizing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). The AKS infrastructure within the Azure environment encompasses a Virtual Network,

Azure Architecture using Bicep and DevOps

This initiative led the design and implementation of a resilient Microsoft Azure infrastructure, fostering a patient-centric application for seamless appointment booking and health data management. The comprehensive cloud environment, spanning

Implementation of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) on AWS

Deploying the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) on AWS involves meticulous CloudFormation template deployment across two regions, enhancing availability and scalability. The strategic process includes robust AWS infrastructure design, precise

Enterprise-Grade WordPress Deployment on Cloud

Our WordPress deployment solution embraces the power of Infrastructure as Code, utilizing AWS CloudFormation for seamless global deployment. Focused on enhancing performance, resiliency, and cost efficiency, our approach features a

Deploy SAP HANA DB on SUSE Linux

Tailored to meet customer requirements, we engineered and implemented an SAP-certified cloud infrastructure for SAP HANA, encompassing EC2 and storage sizing, RDS instance deployment, automatic instance, and SAP Hana backups,

Cutting Edge Learning Platform (LMS Reborn)

The primary objective of this initiative is the revitalization and modernization of the application. Various web services are employed throughout the course of this project. The strategic approach involves designing