5 Essential AWS Services You Need to Utilize in Your Business

5 Essential AWS Services You Need to Utilize in Your Business

Cloud technologies are quickly growing and evolving with each passing day. No matter if it’s day-to-day computational needs, storage capacity, or a dedicated solution you require, each can be handled with cloud solutions. 

Currently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud provider that offers over 150 services through its platform. Its prominent competitors include Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. 

According to a news report, AWS accounts for 31% of the total cloud market.

That’s why, in today’s post, we are discussing basic AWS services you need to use for better or smooth business operations.

Five Fundamental AWS Services For Corporations

Even though the AWS platform offers various services, we highlight here some of the most prominent services.

1. Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing Service (EC2)

The most essential AWS service is Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2. It provides computational power through the cloud to fit your needs. With Amazon EC2, you can configure the CPU, memory, storage capacity, and even HDD partitions according to your business requirements, and scale up and down as needed. 

2. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Another fundamental service, the Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3, is a scalable data storage solution. It allows you to store your data on the cloud. S3 lives up to its name because you can classify your data into different classes and provide ease of access to intended users.

3. AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) 

AWS Application Migration Service removes migration headaches by automatically converting source servers from physical, virtual, or Cloud Infrastructure to run natively on AWS. And by launching non-disruptive tests before migrating, you can be confident that critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, and SQL Server will work seamlessly on AWS.

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4. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)

The industry has firmly embraced  Containerisation and AWS has a number of services supporting containerization orchestration including Kubernetes.  EKS is a managed container service to run and scale Kubernetes applications in the cloud or on-premises.

5. Amazon Relational Database

The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a cloud-based database management solution. It helps you handle all database-related operations. Assisting users in designing and managing relational databases and storing them on the cloud. RDS reduces your database management costs because you don’t have to set up a separate database infrastructure. It supports MySQL, Oracle, and a few other major relational databases.

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