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Today, an increasing number of organizations are migrating to the cloud because they need to introduce new services quickly as well as scale their IT infrastructure at a moment’s notice. At PufferSoft, we believe that the right cloud solutions can provide businesses of all sizes with security, flexibility, scalability, improved collaboration, reliable performance, connectivity, and cost efficiencies. We are your one-stop destination for all your cloud transformation needs.

Let’s Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Journey With PufferSoft.

Cloud Computing

Solutions & Services

At PufferSoft, we help businesses move all their IT systems , (web servers, databases, Microsoft enterprise applications), critical IT functions (disaster, backup, logging) hosting development tools, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines to the cloud. We offer secure, flexible, cost-efficient, and scalable cloud solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Cloud Migration, Data Recovery & Backups

We ensure cloud migration data security, simplified management, and compliance standards. Achieve uninterrupted business continuity with our seamless Data Recovery & Backup solutions.

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Managed Kubernetes Services

Orchestrate containerized applications across AWS, Azure, and on-premises environments. Deploy, scale, and seamlessly upgrade containerized apps using Kubernetes clusters for optimal performance and flexibility.

Infrastructure as Code using Terraform

Establish an orchestration system through well-structured infrastructure, utilizing AWS and Azure, and the implementation of declarative code. Automate infrastructure deployment to ensure scalability and efficiency.

Web Applications Cloud Infrastructure

Rearchitect and repurpose your old legacy data and custom applications and move them to the cloud using our specialized Web Application Cloud Infrastructure solutions for all businesses types.

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DevOps & Automation

DevOps and automation are now the standard for seamlessly deploying applications across development and production environments. Adopting Agile methodology gives companies the edge in delivering new products to market.

Offshore Teams

Reduced costs, gain access to a pool of expert and certified engineers. Use latest technology, start new projects, hire full-time employees and focus on your business growth with PufferSoft’s offshore team services.

Certified Excellence in Every Service

Industry Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Growth

Unlock the full potential of your business with our industry-tailored cloud solutions designed to address unique challenges, boost efficiency, and drive growth. Our team of industry specialists is committed to helping businesses thrive in today's dynamic landscape by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Elevate your educational institution to new heights with our cutting-edge cloud solutions. Deliver engaging online classes, dispense knowledge through multiple channels, and cultivate improved student learning habits. Stay at the forefront of educational innovation with our specialized tools designed to enhance collaboration and streamline academic workflows.

The cloud has revolutionized healthcare allowing a single pane of patient information available to all health organizations. AI on the Cloud allowed analytics to predict patient state and proactively provide medical solutions. With this power comes responsibility to secure sensitive patient data. At Puffersoft we builds cloud infrastructure for medical establishment and secure them, making sure they are compliant with international standards such as HIPAA.

Maximize the efficiency of your digital media supply chain and safeguard valuable data with our customized cloud solutions for media organizations. Ensure secure access to relevant data for authorized personnel, fostering collaboration and innovation. Stay competitive in the media industry by embracing the transformative capabilities of our advanced cloud technologies.

Revolutionize your manufacturing processes by consolidating data into a unified platform. Our cloud solutions empower you with actionable insights, streamline operations, and extend data accessibility beyond factory premises. Experience increased efficiency and responsiveness as you navigate the complexities of the manufacturing landscape.

Let’s Accelerate Your Cloud Migration
Journey With PufferSoft

Harness the power of cloud with PufferSoft’s scalable custom cloud solutions

Our Clients

What Our Satisfied Clients Say?

Media Sector CEO

The team at PufferSoft did a great job setting up my AWS infrastructure, in a cost effective, scalable and secure way. Their communication throughout was excellent, and their attention to detail was high. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a DevOps infrastructure in AWS.

Education Sector CEO

The engineers at PufferSoft are accommodating, and very good with communication (in English). I really appreciated their responsiveness at all hours of the day. There were some real technical challenges with this AWS VPN project that were well-handled by the PufferSoft team. Thank you!

Health Sector Solution Architect

PufferSoft has been instrumental in supporting us to achieve our 100% infrastructure as code ambitions. They’ve exhibited great creativity in achieving our audacious goals. We highly appreciate their contribution to our solution. We can recommend you to trust them with your cloud infrastructure project.

Gaming Sector CEO

PufferSoft assisted us with our complex migration to the Cloud. They came up with detailed plan and they guide us from start to finish. We could always reach them, also in weekends/evenings for advice or if there were small issues to tackle. They were proactive and were thinking with us to make things better.

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